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"Wait Where's My... Oh There It Is" - EP released!




Any idea what a mess it is to make a record during a pandemic? It's real frickin messy, I'll tell you that.

Like you imagine records are recorded somewhere in a studio, maybe even mixed there. Possibly sent for mastering to someone who says they know what mastering is and what it's good for (no one knows, NO ONE).

But no - this record is approximately 6% studio, 19% living room and 85% Whatsapp. You're welcome Zuckerbeg, you know all our secrets now.

As for mixing and mastering, these works passed through multiple additional media and finally landed on the desk of Good Boi Cam from Smoke From All The Friction. After we spammed him with mixing notes for three months he has now unfortunately blocked us on all channels, but we sent him some Olive Garden coupons as a thank you so we think we can (under)pay him to do this again some time.

Turns out even if you release digital music you have to come up with some square shaped excuse for a cover, so in return for some more coupons we exploited a couple of more friends for that purpose.


All we really wanna say is "Wait Where's My... Oh There It Is" is out and playable on your digital playing device right HERE!

The title, you ask? Our plan is to trigger hundreds of thousands of Alexa's around the world as people drunkenly fumble about at 3 AM looking for their phones.


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