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New Song "Lights On" Out Now!

We've just released a new song called "Lights On"!

This time we thought we'd bring it up a notch and release a VIDEO along with the song LIKE IT'S 1998!

"Lights On" is HEAVY HEAVY's take on a protest song, born out of the plentiful frustrations felt by artists during the past year. Pairing commentary on the social uprisings during the pandemic with themes from The Dark Fields/Limitless by Alan Glynn, "Lights On" marks something of a starting point for HEAVY HEAVY 2.0, after the release of last year's EP "Wait Where's My... Oh There It Is".

"Everything we've done so far is still there but we're trying to push for new frontiers", says Chance (vocalist), while browsing on his phone through what is either medieval death threats or his next tattoo design.

" 'Lights On' has new instrumentations, some German lyrics and piecing together the layers has been a fun experience. There's also a lyric line that sounds like "deez nuts", so all in all it's a pretty cool song I'd say."

Make sure to head over to Spotify and add the song to your family playlist!

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